Sunday, October 28, 2012

Claris Water Filter 7520

claris water filter 7520
Claris Water Filter 7520 is a replacement filter for Jura Capresso C3000, C1000, S7 (original model), S9, S8 (original model), Xs90, F7 and Jura X7.

Filters reduce limescale build-up for longer machine life, optimized brewing pressure and consistent temperature. Active filters also reduce other substances that may affect the smell and taste of water such as chlorine. As a result, you get a perfect cup of coffee with a natural and intense aroma and a rich and creamy foam.

The Claris Water Filter 7520 uses resin and activated carbon methods to filter out chlorine, limescale, and other unwanted impurities.

For best results replace your filter every 2 to 3 months.

Product Description
Removes hardness from water which keeps machine functioning and compliant with warranty. Fits Jura/Capresso models C1000, C3000, E50, F9, S7, S8, X7, Xs90, and Impressa F50.

How to use Claris filter cartridges

  •     Empty the water reservoir of your coffee machine and raise the cartridge holder. Remove the filter cartridge from the packet and press it lightly into the water reservoir.
  •     Close the cartridge holder until you hear it click into place.
  •     On the cartridge holder there is a special rotating disc to set the replacement date (two months after the cartridge is fitted). You can set both the month and the week of the month.
  •     Fill the water reservoir with cold, fresh tap water, and put it back in the machine.
  •     To activate the filter cartridge, and to ensure that it will work perfectly, every time you change the cartridge you should draw through half a reservoir of water from the hot water supply and pour it away. This water may be slightly discoloured (not harmful to health).
  •     Refill the reservoir with cold, fresh tap water
    When you have adjusted the hardness of the water, your machine can be used to make coffee, espresso, hot water or steam.

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